So you want to know who’s behind this blog?

My name is Marie-Laure Le Guen but many of my friends call me Laila. I grew up in France where I studied mathematics and physics before getting caught up by wanderlust.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve lived and worked in Thailand, Tanzania and most recently Kenya. Now that I am back in Paris, it’s time for my next adventure: an African studies course at INALCO (It’s a bit like London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, or SOAS).

Books, travel and languages are my life-long passions. Aside from that, I enjoy learning about all these things or, even better, a combination of them:

  • Education: alternative schools, unschooling/homeschooling, student-directed learning, adult education, connectivism, a bit of education technology. I taught mathematics in middle school for 3 years and eventually completed a P.G.D.E.
  • Linguistics: bilingual education, language contact, language policy especially as it pertains to indigenous languages. I hope to specialise in one of these fields.
  • Social movements: I’m interested in grassroots organisations and the dynamics of social change. I specifically looked into universal basic income, direct/liquid democracy and am starting to delve into feminism.
  • Open culture: knowledge commons, open educational resources. I also follow up on the open data movement in France and Kenya.

The list could go on but this is a rather accurate picture of the various topics on my mind at the moment.

This is me with a hat !

This is me with a hat !

Get in touch…

Twitter: @hardcorekancil

Blog (in French): Mon Impatriation


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